JYP apologizes for the bad treatment of Stray Kids fans at ISAC 2022


JYP Entertainment was criticized for asking fans who won this year's 2022 ISAC banner competition to pay a printing fee for the banner. However, after fans sent the banner to JYP Entertainment and asked for a seat at the ISAC 2022 filming location, the request was ignored and they ended up not being able to attend the shooting of ISAC 2022.

JYP Entertainment expressed their apologies after being criticized for treating Stray Kids fans badly.

The bad treatment was received by fans when Stray Kids members filmed for Idol Star Athletics Championship 2022 or ISAC 2022 on MBC. The following is an apology from JYP Entertainment.

"Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We would like to apologize that the procedures during this year's 2022 Idol Star Athletics Championship did not go smoothly.

First, regarding the issue of the fan club banner fee, we apologize for hurting fans with the agency's wrong procedures, when we should be grateful for the fans' efforts. We have sent a separate apology via email to the fans who took part in the creation of the banner, and we would like to take this opportunity to once again express our apologies.

Next, we would like to raise concerns regarding certain comments made by the staff during the filming of 'ISAC'.

Previously, we discovered on social media that one of the staff threatened fans by stating that they would 'read fan letters aloud' if fans didn't stop recording, and our fan marketing team confirmed this to be true. In schedules that involve many participants, including outdoor events or broadcasts, agencies usually enlist the help of external staff to ensure that fans can participate in events safely and cooperatively. We have now discovered that the above problem is the result of an inappropriate decision made by a staff member of an external security company.

Nonetheless, the agency believes that there is a greater fault in our inability to properly handle the external staff, so we would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to all the fans who felt uncomfortable, and to those who were unable to enjoy the show. because of such an incident.

From now on, the company promises to be more careful so that those who send their warm love to Stray Kids do not experience any unpleasant things.

Thank you."

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