BTSJimin's Portrait Shown at the World Famous Louvre Museum



As fans of our favorite idols, we often think that they are masterpieces. Well, in the case of BTS's Jimin this is 100% fact.

Korean artist Onion previously cited Jimin as his inspiration.

So, you can see the idol's familiar face in many of his works.(@leekillust/Instagram)

Other BTS members, including RM and V, were also the inspiration for Lee.K's previous artwork. However, Jimin is the most frequent.

Now, Lee.K's artwork inspired by Jimin will be displayed at the famous Louvre art museum in Paris, France, as part of the exhibition. The Louvre is a historic landmark and most visited museum, featuring some of the best art in the world, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Mona li

You can see a portrait of Jimin Lee.K at the 2022 Paris Focus Art Exhibition, held from September 1 to 4 at the Carrousel du Louvre. Some of his art was even used in promotions for the event.

The Focus Art Fair features the best emerging and international galleries and artists, a unique program of Focus projects and much more through virtual and face-to-face Exhibitions

ARMYs are very proud of Jimin and his fellow ARMYs. It's phenomenal that what is technically fanart will be shown at the Louvre!

We always say ARMY is very talented and that BTS members are like art itself. So, really nothing surprising!

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