New Album "J-Hope": 10 Tracks You Need To Listen To


On July 15, BTS member J-Hope released his debut album as a soloist, “Jack In the Box.” The album is equipped with 10 tracks and opens with 'More' which was released on July 1 as a single. Along with the release of the album, J-Hope again released a single for his album, namely 'Arson'.

Arson' is presented by J-Hope as a hip-hop banger with an edgy and quite dark atmosphere. What is certain is that the track definitely showcases J-Hope's talent as a rapper with a fairly fast tone.

Here are 10 songs on the album Jack in the box

  1.  Intro
  2.  Pandora's Box
  3.  MORE
  4.  STOP
  5.  Equal Sign
  6.  Music Box : Reflection
  7.  What if 
  8.  Safety Zone
  9.  futures
  10.  (Arson)
The cover of the album "Jack in the Box" was designed by famous American pop artist KAWS.
Before the release of the album that ARMYs all over the world have been waiting for, J-Hope held a party which was also attended by one of the other BTS members, namely Jungkook and V.

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