Jay Park Planning to Launch Own K-pop Boyband

Jay Park Planning to Launch Own K-pop Boyband
Jay Park Planning to Launch Own K-pop Boyband

 Jay Park's desire to debut a K-Pop group is getting more serious. This was shown when he was on the show "Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook".

On the June 17 episode of KBS's music show "Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook", Jay Park talked about everything from his plans to debut a K-Pop group to his soju drink business. At the end of last year, Jay Park stepped down as CEO of agencies AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC and founded MORE VISION earlier this year. Regarding this, Jay Park felt there was something he wanted to try.

"Well, I've been in the hip-hop scene for years now, and made it to the top. I thought it was time I used my skills and opportunities if not for something," he explained.

"So, I decided to establish MORE VISION. I plan to produce a K-pop group. I believe this is an exciting new challenge for me," said Jay Park.

Jay Park originally debuted as the leader of the K-pop boy group 2PM in September 2008. He is the lead dancer and vocalist of 2PM, but has also rapped in parts of the group's songs. At that time, he also showed some interesting acrobatic moves with his dance.

All the songs released when he was a part of 2PM made incredible hits; they are "10 from 10", "Only You", "Again & Again", "I Hate You" and many more. Even though Jay Park left 2PM just a year after his debut in September 2009, many assumed that he would make a great producer with his experience, on top of the skills and opportunities he mentioned.

Jay Park briefly mentions how he started the soju business. He shared how he promoted the drink when he was in the United States. "The first single that I released at Jay-Z's agency ROC NATION was titled, 'Soju'. When I was promoting 'Soju' across America, I gave bottles of soju to the hosts and press as a gift. But not many of them knew about soju. ," he said.

"They even asked me, 'Are you the owner of this soju company?' When I tell them I didn't, they're like, 'Oh really? You've got to start it yourself.' When I heard that, I thought, 'Should I give it a try?' This happened about four to five years ago and that's how I started my own soju business."

Judging from the way he started his business, Jay Park has proven that he has good business skills. Even now it continues to grow.

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