BTS J Hope: A Revolutionary New Album You Need to Hear

There is a surprise from J-Hope BTS. This month J Hope announced the release of his solo album, titled Jack In The Box.

J-Hope BTS is the first member of a global group to release his first solo album.

The album, quoted by Billboard, "represents (J-Hope's) aspirations to break the cycle and grow further."

"J-Hope will mark this beginning with his upcoming solo album," wrote an official statement from HYBE, as quoted from Billboard.

"This will allow the members to express their individuality through the release of solo albums and collaborations with many artists," continued HYBE.

However, HYBE clarified that the Butter singer boyband was not on hiatus, but focused on their respective solo projects.

Previously, HYBE, as the agency that oversees BTS, confirmed that J-Hope would be a member of the boyband who would issue a solo album.

J-Hope BTS had time to express his feelings when performing at the 2022 Grammy Awards. He said his fellow BTS members were mentally exhausted.

Jin is known to have had a previous hand injury. In addition, J-Hope and Jungkook tested positive for Covid-19 about a week before appearing at the awards ceremony. In addition, the release of J-Hope's solo album will be launched before the rapper becomes the main guest star of the 2022 Lollapalooza festival. the last day of the festival on Sunday (31/7) at Grant Park Chicago, USA.

"We're excited to welcome J-Hope and Tomorrow x Together into the Lollapalooza family," Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell said in a statement.

Good luck to J Hope.

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