How to Become a Korean Idol

How to Become a Korean Idol
How to Become a Korean Idol

Korean artists are being loved and very popular since the Korean Wave started, almost everybody knows BTS, EXO, NMIXX because they are talented, handsome and pretty.

The effect of the Korean Wave makes popularity of Korean idol increasing in the world, this makes many people wants to become a Korean idol.
Because if you succeed becoming a Korean idol, a bright future is awaits in front of your own very eyes.

How to Become a Korean Idol

However, becoming a Korean artist is not easy, especially if you want to join big and well-known agencies such as YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Big Hit and JYP Entertainment.
A beautiful face is a must, you also have to have a good acting or singing talent if you want to be a Korean idol.

The entertainment industry in Korea is known to have its own system to make someone worthy of being called an artist.
For idols themselves, you can't just pass the audition stage, but there is a training system and additional skills that you must follow, which are adjusted to the regulations of each agency.

Meanwhile, global auditions are also held by many major Korean agencies to look for people who have talent around the world.

If you are interested in participating in the global audition, it is better to prepare in advance by applying several ways to become a Korean idol.

  • Prepare a Unique Audition Video Concept

Preparing a unique audition video concept is the first thing to do. Because the global audition is held on the official website which is directed directly by the agency that opened the audition.

The entire process is carried out online and has a fairly simple procedure but the competition is quite tight.

In order for your audition video to be seen and selected to pass, we recommend not filling the audition video tape with only one type of appearance.

It's better to do other skills that you have at the same time, for example singing while dancing or singing while playing other musical instruments and others.

  • Introducing Yourself Using Two Languages

By introducing yourself in at least two languages ​​also needs to be considered. Because to be able to become an artist abroad, especially Korea, you have to master Korean and at least English.
It would be great to be able to master many languages ​​such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese and others.
This can later be a plus that you will get from the jury's assessment.

If you have the talent to become an artist and master many languages, you must try to join the global audition.

  • Dress Neatly and Attractive

Dressing neatly and attractively will also be one of the judges' assessments later. It is common knowledge, if all artists always look attractive and neat at every opportunity.

Moreover, Korea is one of the countries that has high decency, therefore when making audition videos, wear neat and attractive clothes, and make sure your facial appearance is clean and glowing.

  • Shows Interest to Many Things in Korea

Almost all countries will be very happy to employ foreigners who can also love their own country.
If you show an interest in many things that Korea has, such as culture and history, then you have shown respect for that country as well. The judges will see how seriously you take the audition.

  • Body Gestures and Polite Attitude

Everyone will be happy with people who are always polite to anyone, especially when taking part in global auditions. Even though you have decent talent and a good-looking face, if you don't display a polite attitude, the judges won't notice you.

As explained earlier, Korea is a country that values ​​politeness very much, so learn some gestures and behaviors that must be done.

For example, starting the introduction by bowing firstupstream and never put your hands behind your body. Put your hands in front and always say thank you after you finish showing your talent at the end of the video.

  • The final word

Those are some ways to become a Korean idol that can be learned and applied.
Because you will be competing with participants from many countries, before auditioning, prepare yourself to the fullest. So that the opportunity to pass or win the audition is greater.

Hopefully it's useful and we wish you good luck.

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