Suga BTS Biography, Profiles and Facts

Suga BTS Biography, Profiles and Facts
Suga BTS Biography, Profiles and Facts

 Before his success with the BTS group, Suga was a talented musician who never gave up. His love for music was shown from the age of 13 by writing lyrics and learning about MIDI.

When he was 17 years old, he worked in a recording studio composing and arranging music and rap. He is also active as an underground rapper under the name Gloss as well as the hip-hop crew D-Town in 2010.

Later, he joined Big Hit Entertainment and was prepared to debut with BTS. He did a 3 year trainee together with other members namely J-Hope and RM.

With his ability and experience, many BTS songs have Suga's intervention in the making process. Even Suga also released solo songs, one of which was First Love.
Apart from BTS and his solo songs, he also produces musicians such as ØMI and Epik High.

He has also collaborated with IU with a song called Eight. Where this song made him bring various awards including Best Rock Award and Best Collaboration.

Suga BTS Profiles and Facts

Suga BTS

  • Full Name: Min Yoon Gi / 민윤기
  • Stage Name: Suga
  • Nicknames: Min Suga, MinPD, Sugar, Min Yoongi Genius, Jjang jjang man boong boong, lil meow meow, motionless min, Honey Boy, Min Snail, Yoongles, Yoon, and Agust D
  • Position: Lead Rapper
  • Place of Birth: Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea, March 9, 1993
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Education: Global Cyber University – Major in Liberal Arts (undergraduate)
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Blood type O
  • Siblings: 1 older brother (Min Geumjae)
  • Profession: Rapper, songwriter, producer
  • Hobbies: Doing nothing when he has free time, taking photos, avoiding work, reading comics, basketball, playing games and taking pictures.
  • Twitter: @bts_twt (Official BTS account)
  • Instagram: @agustd
  • Suga's Spotify List: Suga's Favorite Tracks
  • Emojis : 🐱

Facts About Suga BTS

Suga got his stage name from Bighit CEO because he is pale and his smile is sweet (like sugar)
In charge of fixing the things that RM broke. He changed light bulbs, fixed toilets, etc.
BTS members often call him “grandpa” because he sleeps all the time and can be cranky.
Usually will reprimand and scold the younger members when they make mistakes.
Suga's nickname: Motionless Min because Suga doesn't do anything during his holidays and Mr. Appendix for undergoing appendectomy in 2013 (December).
Suga chose to become a rapper after listening to Epik High's song 'Fly'.
His role models: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and Hit Boy.
Is an underground rapper and was in a group called D-Town.
When he was an underground rapper, Suga was known as Gloss because it was the English translation of the word Yoongi.
Suga has started composing/producing music since he was 13 years old.
Already have a SIM.
Really likes to play basketball. When he was a trainee, Suga played basketball every Sunday.
Suga thought he would grow to be 180 cm tall, but his height didn't increase from middle school until now. (Ask Us Anything ep. 94)
Really love sleep.
Not good at Japanese and English.
Named “Suga” by its CEO, it stands for shooting guard, like his position in basketball. “Shooting gardeu” shooting guard in hangul -> “syuga”.
Suga: “I got the name Suga because of my pale skin color, because I'm pretty when I smile, and because I'm cute. I chose that name because I wanted to promote sweetly.”
Suga's personality tends to be quite straightforward.
When he was young, Suga wanted to be an architect.
In a 2013 vlog, Suga said he wanted to be a DJ on a radio show.
His hobbies include reading comics, playing basketball, playing games, and taking pictures.
Motto: “Let's live while having fun. Making music as your hobby and doing it as a job are two different things.”
Suga writes lyrics/composes songs every day. He writes lyrics even right in the waiting room, in the car, even in the toilet.
Wrote the song '촣아요' (Like It) in just 40 minutes.
Suga also produces songs for other artists. Suga produced Suran's pre-release track “Wine” which shot to number one on the charts and sold over 500,000 digital downloads.
Suga uses the alias Agust D for his solo works. (From “DT” which stands for his birthplace “Daegu Town”, and “Suga” which is spelled backwards)
Wrote and produced Agust D's mixtape, which received a lot of attention.
Can play the piano.
If there is another problem, Suga will confide in RM because their age difference is not that big and they have some things in common.
Suga comes from a poor family. In an interview, he revealed: “After we debuted, I went back to the dorm and sat there dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that myself, a boy from a poor family in Daegu, would be able to succeed."
Suga was involved in an accident and injured his shoulder when he was still working as a delivery boy and was delivering food on a bicycle. (Burn The Stage ep. 3)
Suga's favorite food: Meat, meat, and meat.
Speak in a regional accent when nervous and when crying.
For Suga, his charm is in the smile in his eyes (his eyes when he smiles, I mean).
When asked what he would steal from the other members, he said he would steal things that money can't buy – Jungkook's age.
Suga's ideal date: “For me, it's just a normal date…… I want to watch movies, go out and eat together.”
All BTS members chose Suga as the sweetest member in BTS (Fandom School Interview).
Suga and J-Hope are not very good at drawing.
When asked which member to take to a desert island for 3 years, Suga chose Jimin. Suga: "Jimin. Make orders. Ha ha. Kidding. I don't talk much, nor am I a playful type of person, but Jimin is fun and mature, so I thought it would work.”
Called Motionless Min because he doesn't do anything on vacation.
Already have a SIM (BTS Run ep. 18)
Favorite color: white.
Favorite number: 3.
Really like taking pictures.
Suga has a dog named Holly, whom he loves very much.
His favorite weather is when he can wear short-sleeved shirts during the day and long-sleeved shirts at night.
Likes to make rhymes for everyday situations / jokes.
Habits: Biting nails. (Profile written by Suga himself)
3 things he likes: Sleeping, quiet places, places without people. (Profile written by Suga himself)
3 things he doesn't like: Dancing, noisy places, crowded places. (Profile written by Suga himself)
The ranking in BTS he wrote: Jin = Suga > RM > J-Hope > Jungkook > V »»»»»»»» Jimin. (Profile written by Suga himself)
According to him, his looks are at number 50 out of 100: "Honestly, when I look at myself, I think I'm ugly." (Profile written by Suga himself)
Suga and Kihyun of MONSTA X are good friends.
In the old dorm, Suga shared a room with Jin.
In the new dormitory, it has its own room. (180327: BTS' JHOPE & JIMIN MORE MAGAZINE MAY ISSUE)
Suga was ranked 67th on TC Candler's “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”.
Suga's ideal type is a girl who likes music, especially hip-hop. Suga said he doesn't really care about appearance. He also wants a girl who can be very active when she wants to and very quiet when she wants to. A girl who is always by his side.

Other BTS Members Opinions About Suga

  • Jin: “He likes clinging to his bed. Have a wide range of knowledge and always provide assistance with that knowledge. I wonder where he got that strange knowledge from.”
  • J-Hope: “Cool. His personality is quite strong on his own mind. Pretending not to care even though he cares. Like it's everywhere, but be careful enough. That kind of personality. (Ah!! A personality where he only shows strength, haha)”
  • V: “He really has a lot of knowledge. Pretty cool on stage. Cool and amazing. There's no answer for him to be lethargic."
  • Jungkook: “Like grandpa. But his passion for music is overwhelming. He also has a lot of knowledge. But he's still a grandpa."
  • RM: “Reluctant to leave things more than we imagined. He's really shy when we know him. Filled with random info. Grandfathers. Even though he looks cool never… no no… Wants to be loved. Like music. Passionate and stubborn. Expresses what he wants and can say anything up front. Got style."
  • Jimin: “Talk too much in front of you. He doesn't hesitate, and although this is my personal opinion, he likes to be loved by the members hahahahaha”


TV shows

  • New Yang Nam Show (MNet | 2017)
  • Idol Party (Chosun TV | 2017)
  • Star Show 360 (MBC Every1 | 2016)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC | 2016)
  • Running Man (SBS | 2016)
  • National Idol Singing Contest (KBS2 | 2016)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC | 2016)
  • The Boss is Watching (SBS | 2016)
  • After School Club (Arirang | 2015)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1 | 2015)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC | 2015)
  • Yaman TV (Mnet | 2015)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1 | 2015)
  • Crisis Escape No.1 (KBS2 | 2015)
  • After School Club (Arirang | 2015)
  • Idol Show (YinYueTai | 2015)
  • Music Bank (KBS2 | 2014)
  • A Song For You 3 (KBS | 2014)
  • GO! BTS (Mnet America | 2014)
  • After School Club (Arirang | 2014)
  • American Hustle Life (Mnet | 2014)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC Every1 | 2014)
  • Beatles Code 3D (Mnet | 2014)
  • After School Club (Arirang | 2014)
  • Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC | 2014)
  • BTS China Job (YinYueTai | 2014)
  • After School Club (Arirang | 2013)
  • Rookie King: Channel Bangtan (SBS MTV | 2013)

Music videos

  • Daechwita – August D (2020)
  • Give It to Me – Agust D (2016)
  • August D – August D (2016)
  • Adult Child – RM, Suga, Jin (2013)
  • School of Tears – RM, Suga, Jin (2012)
  • A Typical Trainee's Christmas – RM, Suga, Jin (2012)
  • Trailers and Short Films
  • Interlude : Shadow (2020)
  • First Love #4 (2016)
  • Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (2015)
  • Mixtapes
  • August D (2016)
  • D-2 (2020)

Digital singles

  • Song Request – with Lee Sora (2019)
  • SUGA's Interlude – with Halsey (2019)
  • Eight – with IU (2020)
  • Blueberry Eyes – with MAX (2020)
  • Blueberry Eyes – with MAX and Steve Aoki (2020)
  • Blueberry Eyes – with MAX, Lil Mosey and Olivia O'Brien (2021)
  • OST (Original Soundtrack)
  • All Night (2019) – with RM and Juice Wrld – OST BTS World

Song Credit

  • Intro: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (2015)
  • First Love (2016)
  • Trivia : Seesaw (2018)
  • Interlude: Shadow (2020)

Unofficial songs
Original song

  • So Far Away – with Jin and Jung Kook (2017)
  • DDaeng – with RM and J-Hope (2018)
  • Sampled songs
  • It Doesn't Matter Mix Final (2013)

Adapted songs

  • All I Do Is Win (2013)
  • Dream Money (2013)
  • School of Tears – with RM and Jin (2013)
  • Adult Child – with RM and Jin (2013)
  • A Typical Idol's Christmas – with Jin, J-Hope, Jimin and V (2013)


  • Jingle Bell Rock – with V (2019)
  • Producer
  • 518-062 – D-Town (2010)
  • Wine – Suran feat. Changmo (2017)
  • Eternal Sunshine – Epik High (2019)
  • We Don't Talk Together – Heize feat. Giriboy (2019)
  • Eight – IU feat. Suga (2020)
  • You – MI (2021)


  • Melon Music Awards 2020 – Best Rock Award – Eight (feat IU)
  • Gaon Chart Music Awards 2020 – Artist of the Year, Digital Music – Eight (feat IU)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards 2020 – Best Collaboration – Eight (feat IU)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 – Best Collaboration – Song Request (feat Lee Sora)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 – Best Collaboration – Eight (feat IU)
  • Melon Music Awards 2017 – Hot Trend Award – Suran and Suga


  • Melon Music Awards 2020 – Song of the Year – Eight (feat IU)
  • Korean Music Awards 2021 – Best Pop Song – Eight (feat IU)


I'm grateful for the award, but I enjoyed the concert more, I wanted to share our music and who we are.

Suga's career path is not easy. From an early age, he tried various things he loved and finally made a debut with BTS.

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