List of K-Pop comebacks and debuts in May 2022

List of K-Pop comebacks and debuts in May 2022

In May 2022, there will be lots of comebacks and debuts of K-Pop artists that fans have been waiting for.

Starting from May 1, VIXX's Ravi released a single entitled "Who We Are". Then on May 2, there will be the debut of the girl group LE SSERAFIM with the first mini album “FEARLESS”. LE SSERAFIM is a girl group created by the agency HYBE and Source Music.

Continued on May 3, iKON will release their latest mini album titled "FLASHBACK" and Super Junior's Ryeowook will return as a solo singer with the mini album "A Wild Rose".

WOODZ will return to greet fans with the release of "Colorful Trauma" on May 4, then the girl group CLASS:y from the My Teenage Girl program will debut with the mini album "Class is Over" on May 5.

Boy group T1419 plans to release the song "Run Up" in the Korean version on May 9, while TXT will release "Minisode 2: Thursday's Child" on the same day.

Rain's boy group Ciipher will be returning with the mini album “The Code” and Jeong Sewoon will be releasing the mini album “Where Is My Garden!” on May 11.

Then on May 13, B.I will release a pre-release song before releasing his new album. Then Woosung will release a mini album titled "Moth" on May 15.

ASTRO will soon be releasing a full album titled Drive to the Starry Road on May 16, and on the same day SNSD's Hyoyeon will be returning as a solo singer with the first mini album titled "DEEP".

The boy group from the P NATION agency, TNX will make their debut with a mini album titled "Way Up" and ONEUS will release the mini album "Trickster" on May 17.

AB6IX will again enliven the South Korean music industry with the mini album "A to B" on May 18. Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will return as a solo singer with “The Story” on May 24.

SEVENTEEN will also enliven the comeback list this May by releasing a full album titled Face The Sun on May 27.

Of the many K-Pop idols who will comeback and debut in May, which one are you most looking forward to?

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