Kim Garam - LE SSERAFIM Biography, Profile, and Facts

Kim Garam - LE SSERAFIM Biography, Profile, and Facts
Kim Garam - LE SSERAFIM Biography, Profile, and Facts

 Kim Garam became the second member of LE SSERAFIM after Miyawaki Sakura who was introduced by Source Music, which is now under HYBE. The fact that Kim Garam is starting to be sought after, even though his profile and biodata has not been officially released.

The following is a profile and facts of Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM. Kim Garam is known to be a member who is good at dancing.
What does Kim Garam look like? Let's see the following information!

Kim Garam is a girl born November 16, 2005, so her age is 16 years or 17 years according to South Korean calculations. She attended Incheon Popular Arts High School or SOPA and majored in Theater and Film.

From the photos shared by Source Music, Kim Garam looks very charming and steals the attention. The woman who has a height of 170cm has big eyes, a sharp nose, and a sharp chin. No wonder many call Kim Garam similar to the beautiful South Korean actress, Go Yoon Jung,

Kim Garam is a member of the HYBE Labels girl group, LE SSERAFIM. The group is scheduled to debut in May 2022. Besides Kim Garam, the other members are Miyawaki Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Hong Eunchae, Kazuha, and Huh Yunjin.

Kim Garam Profile and Facts

Stage Name: Garam (가람)
Birth Name: Kim Ga-ram (김가람)
Birthday: November 16, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
Weight: –
Blood Type: –
Nationality: Korean

Controversy Facts About Kim Garam

Kim Garam is suspected of having a problematic attitude at school. She is suspected of being a bully.
The bullying rumors started when many of Kim Garam's school friends released photos of her past. 
Not a beautiful photos, but controversial photos. Such as photos when Garam smoked, selfies in front of the blackboard with inappropriate image, or selfie photos with captions and comments in the form of an invitation to have sex.

Controversy Facts About Kim Garam
Controversy Facts About Kim Garam

Starting from the spread of past photos of Kim Garam, there is an anonymous account (@3tG7W2ps6JIXaIA) who claims to be from the same high school as Kim Garam. Let's call the anonymous account by the name of A.

A said that Kim Garam during school had a very bad attitude. Kim Garam often carried out light bullying, uttered harsh words in the form of cursing, and also often glared at his classmates.

According to A, Kim Garam is also the type of girl who does whatever she wants. And if she hates someone, she will do anything to make that person feel uncomfortable. Anyway, A explained how Kim Garam often intimidated others.

Then, A explained that Kim Garam transferred schools to the School of Performing Arts aka SOPA and cut ties with friends at her old school. Shortly after, she sent DMs on Instagram and Facebook to almost all of his old school friends. The content of the DM is to ask friends at his old school not to spread the word about her.

Of course, her goal is to maintain her image since she will debut soon. Not only that, she also sent messages to people to maintain her image. After that she just changed the number.

After that, on Twitter, several netizens sent chat evidence stating how bad Kim Garam was at school. It was said that Kim Garam would swear at the underclassmen who didn't greet him.

Kim Garam is also told that she often steals her friend's money. And worst of all, she had threatened to kill her friend if they didn't pick up the phone.

Many netizens regretted Kim Garam's actions in the past. They think with Garam's character like that, she doesn't deserve to debut as an idol.

In this case, HYBE and Source Music are conducting further investigations. Yes, cases like this must be investigated thoroughly so as not to harm any party.

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