Big Reunion, Concert GOT7 Homecoming 2022 FanCon

After waiting for a long time, finally the boy group made by JYP Entertainment had a big reunion with fans at the concert.

According to Allkpop, on May 21, 2022, GOT7 just held the first day of concerts (a total of two concert days) following the latest comeback of GOT7's new album!

The concert itself was dubbed “GOT7 Homecoming 2022 FanCon” which was held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Olympic Park, South Korea.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has decided to leave JYP because the contract expires in January 2021. However, the members also confirmed that GOT7 did not disband even though the members were separated. Each member is currently pursuing their own careers, whether they are soloists, actors, or youtubers.

Proving the members' statements and planning to surprise their fans by releasing an album and music video on May 23 at 6 pm local time.

The group fronted by Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom successfully held the first day of the concert by building great chemistry with fans until the end of the event.

During the concert, the seven members not only performed the title song of their latest album 'NANANA' for the first time, but also sang other songs that adorned their career journey, successfully bringing fans into the memory.

The members also did not miss this opportunity to have sincere communication with fans who have been waiting for GOT7's return to the South Korean entertainment industry after a year-long hiatus after news of their leaving their previous agency. They also shared the story behind the making of the album.

Meanwhile GOT7 has made new history, as leader Jay B transferred the group's trademark rights to his own label 528Hz, including rights to production of albums, light sticks, concerts, and more. This makes GOT7 the first K-Pop group to transfer all trademark rights to its own members.

The second day of the “GOT7 HOMECOMING 2022 FanCon” concert was held on May 22 at the same time as the Online concert.

Look forward to the return of GOT7 with the GOT7 album and title song 'NANANA' composed by JB on May 23.

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