What Makes Kpop So Globaly Famous?

What Makes Kpop So Globaly Famous?

What Makes Kpop So Globaly Famous?

The first K-pop music to explode globally was probably "Gangnam Style" with its ridiculous MV. But more and more, Kpop is actually more than just Psy's funny dances. When "Gangnam Style" appeared, the Kpop epidemic was not as massive as it is today. Until finally, the names of Korea who are big in the global realm appear. Call it Blackpink to BTS. Everyone agrees that Kpop has a different approach--something that ultimately leads them to millions of fans around the world. Actually what makes Kpop so loved today? Reported by Lifehack, here are some reasons.

Visuals and Fashion

Visuals are always the key. The glitter, grandeur, and futuristic feel in K-pop music videos is some of the best -- and sometimes the most expensive. This is also supported by costumes, which ultimately create fashion and fashion trends. The Kpop industry doesn't hesitate to create artists as icons and trendsetters

Personality, Talent and Language

Kpop is also famous for its unique, extravagant, and stunning personality. They are also talented. Not only singing and dancing, but also acting in movies or playing reality shows. The most important of course the language. Their mastery of English, helps to go-international. Kpop songs are also known to mix languages. Make it easy for fans from other countries to "unite".

Addictive Melody

Pop music is nothing without a catchy hook and sing along. Kpop always strives in that direction: catchy and sweet. This will certainly stick in the listener's head, and become an addiction. Kpop with its crisp tones, as if it was created to anesthetize many ears to listen to it, again and again.


There is no Kpop without choreography. Not only singing and dancing, they perform complex and challenging choreography. Not all amateurs, but professional choreographers. Practice has become routine. A flexible body is always a selling point. Choreo is always featured, whether it's in live performances or video clips. Kpop without dance, like Indian movies without dancing.

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