RM BTS Gets a Special Gift from Tiffany & Co!

RM BTS Gets a Special Gift from Tiffany & Co!

Kim Nam-joon or better known as RM BTS recently showed off a special gift from a well-known jewelry brand, Tiffany & Co. The BTS leader shared it via Instagram story uploads.

It's no secret that RM is an art lover. Not only does he spend his free time visiting museums and galleries, but his Instagram is full of amazing works of art and sculptures.

On April 28, 2022, RM surprised ARMYs when he shared a photo of the blue square on his Instagram. It's not just any blue, but the iconic Tiffany & Co. "1837 Blue," named after the year the company was founded.

The photo that RM uploaded shows a beautiful blue basketball with the company logo and the words "Wilson" embossed on the design.

There's also a cute little card with a message from the Tiffany & Co team. "(For) RM. A little something special to brighten up your day. Please enjoy your Tiffany & Co x Arsham Studio x Wilson basketball. Your friends at Tiffany & Co Alice," read the message.

Tiffany & Co x Arsham Studio x Wilson basketball

The ball is a very special gift as it is a limited edition item from the company. According to the website, the ball was created to celebrate the 71st annual NBA All-Star Weekend and is a collaboration with the Cleveland Cavaliers and artist Daniel Arsham.

Although it looks like a typical basketball, it is actually very valuable and is priced at USD 575 (approximately Rp. 8.3 million). RM must have been very special if they chose to give him a limited edition product when it must have sold out quickly when it was first released.

The artist involved, Daniel Arsham, is definitely the type of person RM would enjoy spending time with. By looking at her Instagram, it is full of beautiful artwork and sculptures.

Whether it's a hint that maybe a BTS and Tiffany & Co collaboration could happen in the future or not, RM is definitely considered a special person. Hopefully there will be good news in the future.

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