Complete List of BTS Instagram Account Usernames

Complete List of BTS Instagram Account Usernames

 On Monday, December 6, 2021, the seven BTS members revealed their personal Instagram account usernames which were instantly verified by Instagram.

This is surprising news for ARMY, which is the name for BTS fans, because with this they can see the personal activities of their idol, BTS.

Seven BTS members consisting of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, JImin, V, Jungkook, and RM simultaneously created an Instagram account.

Previously, BTS members only shared BTS group activities through BTS's official Twitter.

But now, BTS members have personal Instagram accounts and are immediately known by ARMY, BTS fans, so they immediately get a blue tick from Instagram.

The seven BTS members also simultaneously uploaded their first posts on Instagram which were greeted very enthusiastically by ARMY.

Although ARMYs are very enthusiastic because BTS members create personal Instagram accounts, unfortunately they can't comment much on the BTS members' accounts because comments on BTS members' Instagram accounts have been limited.

The news of the BTS members who created this Instagram account immediately became a trending topic on Twitter.

Many are looking for personal Instagram accounts belonging to BTS members and sure enough, the followers of BTS members have gone up drastically.

Here is a complete list of personal Instagram account usernames of BTS members:

Jin BTS Instagram account @jin
RM Instagram account @rkive
J-Hope BTS Instagram account @uarmyhope
V BTS Instagram account @thv
Jimin BTS Instagram account @j.m
Jungkook BTS Instagram account @jungkook.97
Suga BTS Instagram account @agustd

It can be seen from the personal Instagram account usernames of the BTS members.
That was the complete list of personal Instagram account usernames belonging to seven BTS members. ARMY must know and must follow.

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